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Maison Paule Ka history

PAULE KA was created in 1988 in Paris by Serge Cajfinger, an aesthete who was passionate with the Glamourous Fifties and sensual Sixties, its icons and its early modernity. The founder was also very influenced by the vibrant colours of his Brazilian childhood. So many influences which have combined subtely with the elegance of the Parisian Couture.

Since the opening of its first store on Rue Mahler in the Parisian Marais, PAULE KA established itself as a major player on the Premium ready-to-wear. The collections affer a complete range of perfect fitted and coordinated silhouettes for day and night, with the launch of Black Carpet collection which has conquered numerous international clientele and celebrities.

The Trapeze dress , dear to the founder, has been re-interpreted season after season and remains a signature master-piece of the PAULE KA wardrobe.

The PAULE KA woman might look like the legendary Parisian who effortless combines just enough elegance and feminity, while she refuses any fashion dickats.

This multi-faced woman has a rich social life though she is not show-off. She loves beautiful things, elegance and quality that she may find in fashion, arts or architecture which are her passions.

The PAULE KA woman is looking for perfection and elegance in all moments.