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Maison Paule Ka history

Founded 30 years ago, PAULE KA is an independent French label dedicated to high-quality women’s ready-to-wear fashion. The exemplification of Parisian neo-classicism and elegance, the label’s timeless style is defined by its graphic, urban and sophisticated lines. With a presence in 37 countries, PAULE KA has over 320 points of sale and 90 boutiques and department store corners dedicated exclusively to the label. Since 2017, the Marco Polo Company, owned by businessman Xavier Marie, has been instrumental in the development of Paule Ka.

Xavier Marie: ‘When I first bought PAULE KA, I asked Serge Cajfinger, its founder, to remain with the label until it turned 30 to help me guide this beautiful fashion house back onto the right path. 

Dedicated to women and fulfilling their desires, today, Paule Ka continues to celebrate its rich heritage of Parisian couture and the remarkable creativity, traditions and savoir-faire of its ateliers.

To design six collections each year, only an integrated atelier of rare technique and dexterity can create the natural simplicity of couture-inspired lines. The tradition of couture carries with it a thousand secrets and bestows upon its artisans the most precious of knowledge: that waistbands that are lined with grosgrain ribbon will better hold their shape, or that placing a clip discreetly under the sleeve of a dress on the strap of a bra will prevent any wardrobe mishaps …

Ensconced in the fashion house at rue Saint-Honoré, this international team of artisans, stylists, pattern designers and skilled workers are committed to PAULE KA and have one goal: to work on each model until the fashion essentials of cut and construction are perfected.

To select only the most beautiful fabrics and to cut and handle them with true dexterity. To know every technique and precisely which one will add an unexpected twist to a silhouette and which will exalt a line, all the while enhancing the comfort and style and the fall and the feel of a garment. To create a wardrobe made for life, in keeping with our clients’ wants and needs and always guided by a renewed desire for the joyful feminine elegance of Parisian style.